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Monday, April 10, 2006

Kiba - Episode 2

Vague Summary: Zed enters the mysterious new world and is already getting into scrapes with the local police and some Spirit stealing bandit.

My Opinion: The first episode was somewhat enjoyable, suprisingly this episode was a lot better, sure entire pages have been ripped out of the "Big Book of Shounen Cliché's" to write the script but its fun anyway, this episode we see Zed getting some lightsaber action (come on, they even sound like them) with the local fed's, getting put in prison and finally getting into a scrape over his female friend's Spirit with a local Bandit (presumably), all resulting in Zed's guardian revealing himself and owning some major spirit ass! So all in all a decent episode, nothing to write home about but a nice way to kill 25minutess at least.
Episode Rating - B-

"Coming soon to a toyshop near you"

Calm down Zed, it wasn't that good!



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