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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mieru Hito - Chapter 12 to 16

Seeing as there's no GantZ chapter this week and because I was behind on chapters of Meiru Hito I thought I'd get up to date and blog them while I was at it, its a nice new Shonen Jump series which doesn't really feel like a Shonen Jump series, I highly reccomend it, its great fun, now on with the show.

Chapter 12: A mysterious ghost called Hase from Myoujin's past attacks Eiji, so the ghost and Myoujin face off. In this chapter we have a peek into a dream Myoujin is having, Eiji gets owned, Azumi cries, and a new fight is about to start.

Chapter 13: Hase's technique makes Myoujin's body allmost explode, he remembers his teacher (I presume) telling him what to do in the situation, then stops himself from popping. Hase has a nice long rant then dissapears, but not before he throws down the gauntlet, he and Myoujin are to meet at night (when there at full power) where they first met, for the final round.

Chapter 14: Myoujin tells of his childhood, how he went from being terrified of spirits to purposely pissing them off so he could fight them, we also see the teacher I mentioned earlier, who goes by the name of... Myoujin?

Chapter 15: Still in flashback mode we see Myoujin being thrown into training by Myoujin (confused yet?), we are then told about the time when the two Myoujin's did some serious ghost busting as they planned on taking on 40 spirits at at time, but with young Myoujin told to stand guard and the appearance of Hase, will old Myoujin survive?
Chapter 16: So the flashbacks seemingly draw to an end with older Myoujin sacraficing himself for young Myoujin at the hands of Hase, we see how he inherits Utaka mansion and the Myoujin name.
So that brings my batch of Meiru Hito reviews to an end for now, it was a nice set of chapters, some back story with some action is allways a good thing.
What can you expect from future chapters? Well I dont know but im presuming Myoujin is going to f*ck Hase up and all will be well in Utaka mansion for about another 5 minutes or so. Not entirely sure when the next chapter will be out either but I should have some more GantZ to review next week (if Oku actually bothers to do some work for once) so its all good as they say.
Batch Rating - B



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