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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shinigami no Ballad - Episode 5

Vague Summary: A year on from the first episode we return to Kouta and Blue as they help out a girl who's sister's spirit has unfinished business.

My Opinion: After last weeks slightly disappointing episode SnB is back on form with this great episode, it was nice to see Kouta and Blue from the first episode again but they weren't exactly the main focus of this episode, the theme this week was unfinished business between a girl and her dead sister, it was nicely animated and nicely scored as usual, there's still not been an episode to rival the 3rd episode in my opinion (because it was so strongly reminiscent of Zettai Shonen) and with only one more episode to go will the series end on a high note? Check back next week for my opinions and our farewell to Momo and Daniel (hopefully its not the last we'll see of them).
Episode Rating - B



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