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Friday, April 14, 2006

Utawarerumono - Episode 2

Vague Summary: The Mutikapa (King of the Forest) attacks the village despite the altar being fixed by the villagers. She destroys a home and kills a family and is about to kill the nameless man and Eruru but suddenly flees when it begins to rain, which makes the nameless man realise the Mutikapa’s weakenss is water. So the villagers band together to defeat Mutikapa King of the Forest.

My Opinion: Damn good! The first episode was good but not a lot happened, but this episode was awesome, the villagers and Hakuoro (as he’s now known) grouped together to completely own the King of the Forest Mutikapa-sama, Hakuoro being the bait they lead Mutikapa into a trap, where she fell into a pool of water and was then stabbed by many a spear (Hakuoro landing the final blow), just when they’d gotten back Aruru went missing and came back with Mutikapa’s baby, Hakuoro being the softy that he is encouraged everyone to let Aruru keep the cub and now Aruru likes him, she even calls him father, you would think you wouldn't want any comparison with the chick you were trying to nail’s dad (he so is), as if that wasn't bad enough, he's then given Eruru and Aruru’s dad’s name, oh well, it’s a hard life in H-Game adaptations!

Episode Rating – B+



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